Attraction in Love

We attract who we are – not what we want.

Life is full of many, many wants.  In the holiday season we feel wants in various ways. We want loving memories, we want festive gatherings, we want consumer products, we want to eat  all the yummy foods - yet gain no weight, we want days off – but money to spare.  Oh the wants.  However, we become quite frustrated with our wants.  Finding it challenging to satisfy all their alluring calls.  Usually to find that we do not attract what we want – we just keep wanting.

It is the same with ourselves- the wanting.  What is this obsession with wanting to be a better person? Or wanting to be someone new and improved?  Constantly aiming towards wanting to be giving, kind, peaceful, calm, successful, balanced, better spouse or friend, or these personal quests to become a better human being.  There is an abundance of self-help books being sold, high cost seminars, riddles of directions on social media – all feeding the want.  I want to be this way – I want to become this person. I want to do this.  I want to have this.   I want. I want. I want.  But it is the wanting that is preventing it from happening. Because the want statement alone is claiming there is a limitation, an inadequacy, a brokenness.  If you want to have something – you must currently be without.  To want to be someone – means currently you are not.  That creates a feeling nestled deep in the consciousness that is simply unattractive to hold.

What is you stopped the wanting and just became? As quick as a snap of the finger. What if you just already are who you know you are?  You are kind. You are giving.  You are a person who can love and loves to love.  You are strong and full of wisdom.  You are important to many people.  You are full of peace and calmness within (close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel that presence; it is there, I promise).  You are who you are.  You don’t have to want to be anyone. It has already happened.  You are already there.  The want is gone.  Now you just become. You play the part. You walk the walk.  You be who you are.  When we let ourselves be who we know we are, we attract all that we are. We attract moments to be kind, we attract moments to love, we attract moments to give, we attract moments to breathe. We attract Divine connection on our mats in our yoga practice, we attract calmness in our meditation, we attract the right words to say to others, we attract things to see that are beautiful. We attract things to be grateful for, we attract abundance to share.  We attract the right behavior to behave with. 

Let go of wanting to be better.  You already are who you desired to be.  Claim it now. Be it now.  It is simple as that.  

Years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder called vitiligo.  It is a scary disease that allows you to watch your skin literally disappear in color right before your eyes. In the beginning it caused me panic and despair. I would stand in the bathroom looking at all “the spots”, measuring their progress and hating the appearance of their markings. I would feel ugly, sad, desperate. Then one magical morning I decided to change my routine.  I decided to just get ready and to pay no attention at all to “my spots” and when I was done dressing – I turned off the light and decided I looked like Heidi Klum.  All day I became as beautiful as her.  I just let myself be beautiful.  Not a want.  I am.  I still do this today.  I am beautiful.  I am kind, I am sexy, I am all that and a bag of chips!  I let go of wanting to be something else.  I am that.  And I decided that in a single moment – and I am that now.  I may not be that to everyone – but I am that to myself.  And that is all that matters. The want is simply not a need.  

Today be who you are!  Snap into it right now.  Use the words that match.  Let the mind be that.  And you will attract all that you are!  No more wanting.  Now you can just breathe!  You can perform as the person of greatness, speak the words of the loved and wise, and be the person you are proud to be.  It is that simple.  A snapped decision that will change your entire living being.