Be Good

Be not just good, but good for someone – good for something.

We all strive to be good. To make good decisions, to do good things.  We tell children to “be good”, but what does that mean?  And why be good?  

Being “just good” is extremely hard to strive for.  It places fuzzy expectations.  To be just good is simply hard to comprehend.  It confuses our choices.  Should we be good for the sake of being good? Should we be good because it is the right thing to do, when maybe the consequence of not being good is not that bad?  Should we be good because it makes us feel good or should we be good because it is easier than not?  

To be good for one’s self is just not enough.  It is quite self -serving.  It lacks purpose and connection.

If we choose to be good for others – well, now we are building a proper society.

When we decide to be good for someone, we are not only more responsible with how we behave but how we speak, what choices we choose and how we live our lives.  No more twisting our bad behaviors or making excuses for why we do the things we do, or even pouting when we have to sacrifice or labor over tedious tasks.  We do them because we love.  When we are good for someone, we are showing proper love.  We express our love by showing others we can think beyond our selves. To be good for someone helps us be better parents, leaders, friends and family members. We want to be good for those we love. We want to show them they matter.  We place accountability on ourselves. We want the person we are good for to know….I am responsible for you and I will be good for you, because I love you. This is how we learn to love.  Properly love.  It is how we learn how love is an art of actions.  To behave good for someone, brings order to the world.  It brings order to the heart. 


When we decide to be good for something, we now have purpose.  We no longer work for the sake of working.  We no longer wake each day without contentment or understanding our role in the world. To be good for something, requires proper rest, proper nutrition, proper self-care.  Therefore, we go to yoga, eat our three meals, eliminate imbalances in our life that takes away from our calm centered self.  We take care of ourselves, so we can be good for something. When we are good for something, we connect.  We build communities, families, societies. 

To be good for someone – is how you love.  To be good for something – is how we build neighborhoods and brotherhoods.

Who are you good for?  Let this person be there for your accountability.  Personally, I like being good for children. They are watching.  They want you to make good choices. They want you to be kind. They need you to place them first. They need to see how a woman should behave, how a man should behave. They need to see adults speaking with love. They need to see adults behaving with good morals and ethics. They need us to be good. We need to be good for the children.  To be good for your family is the ultimate way to love.  Be good for your friends. They need you to be good for them.  Be loyal.  Be kind. Be giving.  Be good for your parents.  Be good for the Divine.  For the Divine needs you lead.  The Divine needs you love. Divine needs you to care for others.  Be good for someone.  It makes decision making much easier – it brings clarity to choices and actions.


Be good for something!  Choose one thing and make it a purpose.  Be good for your work place- why?  It brings harmony and sweetness to the environment.  As Martin Luther King said, it doesn’t matter if you are even a street sweeper – be a good one!  You are keeping the world beautiful.  Take pride in how you contribute.  If we are all good for something – we are building a community worth loving. We are accountable for our actions, we are interacting with each other with true and authentic love.

Today be not just good!  Be good for someone. Be good for something.

Prayers and love for all those in the Hurricanes.  Be good for them.  

We learn to love properly.  Love is an exchange.  It how we connect our energy beyond ourselves and expand goodness as an action