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Welcome to The Yatra Center. Home to 90 Degrees Yoga and more!

 We are the home for spiritually living.  Don’t we all wish life came with instructions.  How to survive the suffering, how to find your purpose, how to feel balanced and in charge of all our colliding emotions.  Of course, we do.  But life did not provide us these instructions, however life did bless us with right counsel, right doctrines and enlightened teachers to take our hand and lead us towards the path that can provide internal comfort and inner wisdom.  Thank goodness, The Divine installed in us our own navigation system – we sometimes just need training in how to use it!

The Yatra Center is designed to be your sweet spiritual home, your oasis. With our yoga studios, our meditation workshops, our sweet “life suppot” talks, our Registered Yoga Training Schools, books and access to our leader, Allison Cross, through her life coaching sessions and her interactive blog – we are there to hold your hand and support you in a spiritual life with purpose and peace.  You will know immediately you have found a place you know you belong! Check out our videos and you can view a full yoga class , meditation or hear Alli speak words of wisdom in our laid back lessons.

The Word Yatra means“journey”.  We believe the journey is more important than any destination.  Our yoga studio is WAY more than a yoga “exercise” facility.  The classes are designed to heal the entire being.  Our yoga studio environment  (90 Degrees Yoga Studio) feels like home and you will always feel welcomed and at ease inside our cocoon of peace.  The Hot Yatra Yoga mat practice room is a hatha practice that follows an outline designed to fully balance and restore the entire body in an heated room.  The heat allows you the ability to warm the muscles and aid in the body’s desire to sweat (something we just don’t do enough).  The outline allows a varied selection of postures, as well as the ability to be slow and static (postures that are held for a duration of time) or as a vinyasa sequence (fluid and flowing).  This style of yoga can also be taught out of heat (yatra yoga).  The most unique aspects of Yatra yoga is the use of music, mirrors and spiritual messages that encourages the calmness of mind and the connection to the life force pulsating within us.  It is not just a physical mat practice; it is a practice that purifies the mind and opens the door to the Divine that resides within us. 

Our Registered Yoga Alliance School is not just for those wanting to be “yoga” teachers, but for everyone interested in learning the deeper meanings behind the ancient doctrines designed to help understand your body, your mind, your emotions, your memories and the connection we all have to the Higher Power of Energy, Divine Source, within our beings.  Students will be trained and registered to teach, if that is their passion, but more importantly students learn how to be the human being they know they desire to step fully into.  Even though our programs are called RYT 200 and RYT500, we are more than a school for yoga teachers, we are a school for LIFE.  Unlike most yoga schools, our studies are not limited to those wanting to teach.  We are a school for everyone. 


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