The Yatra School Application & Contract


The Yatra School is a unique journey in which the student designs their own program to meet their personal goals and desires.  Within our School one can elect to become a registered yoga alliance certified 200 Level instructor/ 500 Level instructor, or one can simply just take classes that develops a personal inner core foundation.  The program is lead by Allison Lindquist, an ERYT500/1000 experienced yoga instructor with over 25 years of experience. Our classes are kept small and intimate, allowing students the ability to feel “at home” while developing wisdom and cultivating their own yoga way of life.  Every student maintains control of their own personal goals, pace, commitments and discoveries! The program is non-denominational in the hatha yoga style.  If choosing to teach we do anchor our focus upon a Yatra Outline (only in 200RYT), however this outline is fluid (allowing students to adapt a sequence that matches their personality and environmental setting). 


Yatra- A pilgrimage one takes to find their one essence of life. The journey is more important than the destination.


Yatra Yoga- The unification of physical, mental and spiritual components into one complete and powerful form. Within the core framework of a Yatra class, the student will find not only those aspects that make Yatra unique from any other style, but also a powerful incorporation of a traditional yoga practice.  In this way, Yatra Yoga is ancient and simultaneously new in its approach. A single Yatra class will contain aspects of Kundalini, as chakras and energy systems within the body are awakened and utilized within poses.  There is a hint of Ashtanga Yoga with Yatra’s heavy concentration upon breath work and its transformative power to cultivate peace of mind.  Raja Yoga techniques housed with asanas guide students towards spiritual self-realization and control of the mind.  Focus on correct alignment and execution of Asanas subtly reflects aspects of Iyengar Yoga principles.  Hot Yatra balances these diverse elements with a unique infusion of spirituality based philosophy and a teaching format that makes Yatra, purely Your own Yatra.  At the very core of the style, is a natural, proactive and approachable spirituality that taps into the tenants of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  The power of this holistic approach to yoga as it was intended to be practiced, transforms the practitioner as a whole person beyond the mat and into their life.  At the heart of this practice, the student will not just survive a yoga class- they learn to rise to their life and shine.  Students will learn how to teach both a Hot Yatra Yoga class and a non-heated Yatra class, vigorous and gentle sequences, as well as static postures and vinyasa postures.  

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