About Alli



Allison (Lindquist) Cross ERYT1000, author of Yatra - The Journey, The Yatra Path 21 Day Workbook, Yatra Devotional Readings and creator of Yatra Yoga, is a leader in the healing arts movement.  For more than twenty-five years she has been a highly respected spiritual speaker, instructor, professor of spiritual doctrines, Minister, Life Coach, as well as a pioneer in her ability to powerfully weave soul healing lectures into her yoga classes and seminars. As a life coach/mentor, she has an ease and understanding with all her clients, no matter if you are there to gain spiritual guidance, trauma assistance, relationship restoration, having difficulty in making a new and critical decision or you just need someone to hold your hand and let you know it is all going to be OK.  Her training includes her degrees in Child and Family Development, over ten years as a crisis intervention and student advisor for EDMC, extensive yoga certification through the Living Yoga program at Barsana Dham Ashram and Hari Om Ashram in Italy, Qi Gong with Dr. Chao Chen and continues her lifelong Kriya training as a Disciple and student to Paramahansa Yogananda. 

As a dynamic, humorous and entertaining speaker she helps others see the lightness of their beings.  She explains yoga, life, meditation, sacred texts by using common sense wisdom and embraces spiritual simplicity without infringing upon personal belief systems. Allison inspires you to participate in creating who you are and directly points you towards a path the entire world should consider.  Whether you are sitting with her in her cozy office, in her life school, reading her books or in her yoga classes – you feel a connection, a security, a knowing that you are receiving the guidance and love that all human beings should be blessed in receiving.  

“I have participated in many motivational seminars and heard an array of speakers, but I will say Allison gave the most beneficial and relevant information to use right now in my life- today!   She was funny, to the point and easy to comprehend. She inspired me to feel better, do better and step forward with passion into my career, my family, my life. 

I never knew being me could be so easy!” Jerry Kinman

“Yatra- The Journey contains pages laced with passion and wisdom from the beginning to the end. Keep a pen and paper nearby with an open heart while reading this book and you will see how it is truly a handbook for the soul”. Jax Riley

Her seminars, conducted throughout the U.S, are edgy and thought provoking.  Most importantly, they awaken an empowerment to move towards creating not only a balanced and healthy external environment, but also an internal world that feels purposeful and liberated.  Her classes draw you into the space of Divinity, letting you experience and taste the sweetness of your own soul.  Her energy leading the class pulls and unites the fragmented energy from the outer and inner realms into an experience where we can become lost, yet found.  

“When you go to a yoga class with Allison teaching, it is like you are in soulful gospel, a spiritual detox, as well as receiving an embrace directly on to your soul. It is an experience!” Katie Hancock

“I have sat with many counsleors and therapists, only to feel more confused and broken.  But the moment I sat with Allison I felt normal, loved and inspired.  I began to really understand what life is about, a bit of suffering, but also the ability to experience it with grace and ease.  If the whole world could sit with Allison for just a moment, we would all relax a bit more and have less riddled worries and fears! You will love her – just as much as all us who have sat in the same soft sofa before you!”  Ginger Cannon