Meditation is Sex

We love to be seduced.  We are seduced by food, beautiful people, luxuries, products, commercials, even drugs – almost anything that holds a sliver of possibility that we will feel a moment profound happiness – even if it is for a singular moment of gratification.  Seduction is everywhere – and let’s be honest…..we all love to be seduced.  But what if I told you that in Meditation – a pure and undeniable feeling of seduction is occurring?  And the seduction is so tantalizing that it is identical to Sex – yet even Holier. 

Meditation is the art of being seduced by the Divine Energy and not just teasing in union with the force - but fully becoming unified.  Where one cannot find a beginning, nor an ending to the dual forces; the forces become inseparable. The act itself creates the entwining of one.  All of you falls into Me; "Crave only Me, know only Me, feel only Me, breathe only Me".  If you can understand the experience in sex - then you can understand how to stimulate this euphoric experience within ourselves.  It is called meditation. 

There are many arenas in our life that a rational mind should be the driving force to connect with successful outcomes.  Yet on the other hand, there are a vital few areas in which the rational mind is a distraction, literally preventing us from achieving the goal at hand; such as in the arenas of spirituality, faith or love. During the 1970s Richard Alpert (also known as Yogi Leader Ram Das), along with Timothy Leary conducted a "spiritual experiment" in which hallucinogenic drugs were administered to quiet the rational mind and allow a spiritual feeling to be actively stimulated within.  Of course, this was a radical experiment - but it did open the doors to a persuasive debate.  Can the dark ways (sex, alcohol, drugs) assist us in understanding the pulsating feelings of divine peace within us? And if we agree yes - wouldn't it be even better if we could be granted these “high’s” without ever having to take a drug, purchase an item or even require a partner to achieve the same effect?  And better yet, this High we would be healthy, calming, beneficial and void of any “crash” or a heavy guilt ridden low.  

Meditation surrenders the rational mind and craves only the connection.  It is the merging of two breaths.  It is the quieting of the mind and letting only a sensation of euphoria to be present.  It is the closure of the distractions and the unifying all thoughts and desires into one single minded feeling.  And when you can understand this practice within the unity of two bodies - then it is easy to understand this concept regarding the merging of one soul into the Soul of Life (God/Divine/OM).  Meditation is Sex.  It is surrendering and allowing The Higher Power itself to seduce to a place of love and peace.  Why would you want to be seduced by anyone or anything else?


​BanokBanok Ban Jai

If I had to have a favorite mantra –


I think this may be the one.  This mantra was handed down to my Guru, ParmahansaYogananda from his teacher.  Loosely translated, it means “striving, striving, behold”.  The mantra is not meant to be a forceful mantra to encourage the harshness of work and work and then receive, but something more softer and kinder.  It is meant to be a lullaby when you really feel you cannot keep going, when you feel all your efforts are unnoticed or that you just cannot keep going.  It is a reminder from the Highest Source, that you are moving forward – even if it feels you are not.  It is a reassuring whisper from Divinity” I see you, I notice you, you will become”.

“BanokBanok Ban Jai”

holds layers of lessons.  The first part is to remind us that most things in life, and especially difficult things, require endurance.  There will be times you have to just keep pushing.  You will want to sit down and give up – but deep down you know that will do nothing.  So instead you must endure.  You must keep giving effort, you must stay with your morals, you have to try to keep believing, you have to try tokeep doing. All that is asked is to the best you can.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Where there is effort – progression is occurring. It may be small effort – with small progression, but something is happening.  The second layer of Banok is patience.  ERRRR  Patience.  We must remind ourselves greatness does not appear quickly.  It happens after endurance, and to be honest after lots and lots of endurance.  Greatness happens after many mistakes.  The mistakes were part of the education.  Patience is there to teach us faith.  True honest faith.  We have to keep believing in ourselves, believing that goodness does prevail and the effort does produce.  We must plow the fields, pull the weeds, endure the aches and pains and sit with true patience.  The type of patience that only comes with faith.  BanokBanokBan Jai

There have been so many times in my life I have felt like all my work went un-rewarded, that all my efforts produced nothing.  I have felt that I just could not endure one more day of feeling tired, poor or alone.  Or times that I felt like life was just plain old unfair.  But then I remember the mantra.  The mantra whispered like a lullaby, it is going to be OK, effort alwaysbeholds.  Hang in there, keep going, keep believing.  BanokBanok Ban Jai.    Today hear this sweet mantra.  It’s meant to feel good, like a caress from the Ancient Mother herself, reminding you to keep going, because you will one day BEHOLD.  And then… will truly understand endurance, patience and faith.  To everyone out there today that needs to hear this…..BanokBanok Ban Jai!!!!  I believe in this mantra, I believe that kindness and good character prevails, I believe in dreams and I believe in you.  BanokBanok Ban Jai

Listen to Silence

Listen and silent

The two words contain all the same sounds, all the same letters and all the same meanings.  Silence has a voice, it has sound, it has something profound to say.  Inside the center of silent we become calm, we gain a sense of clarity, we center the senses.  It is in this space of silence we listen. We listen to the hum of Divine. We listen to the inner swirls of peace.  We listen to our own energy and quickly we understand this energy as a force greater than our mind, greater than our worries, greater than ourselves.  To be silent is an intoxicating state of bliss that pulls the consciousness inward to rest its excess behaviors.  Today actively choose to listen.  Listen to your breath.  Listen to the inhale.  Listen to the exhale.  Listen to its calmness.  Listen to its truth.  Listen to silence.  In this space the mind can surrender. 


Today create space to listen – a space to be silent.

Before you speak – be silent – listen – then speak.

After you listen – be silent – use a space – then speak.

Create space to be silent.  Create space to listen.

This is ever, ever so IMPORTANT.


Please do this as many times as you can today!!

Sit.  Be very silent.  Observe while you listen.  

You will be amazed at how much quietness in your body, mind and soul this simple task will unveil.