Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to take all the weekend blocks or can I just take the ones that interest me?

You are only required to complete all the building blocks (or all 10 day immersions) if you desire to become eligible for Yoga Alliance 200 or 300 level certification.  Other than that – no.  You can take any block you are interested in (with the exception of blocks that require a pre-requisite – you must have the pre-requisite first). You control your pace and interests.

What does the word Yatra mean?  What is Hot Yatra Yoga?

Yatra loosely is translated to “journey”.  We believe the journey is more important than any destination.  Hot Yatra Yoga is a hatha practice that follows an outline designed to fully balance and restore the entire body. The outline allows a varied selection of postures, as well as the ability to be slow and static (postures that are held for a duration of time) or as a vinyasa sequence (fluid and flowing).  This style of yoga can also be taught in heat or out of heat (yatra yoga).  The most unique aspects of Yatra yoga is the use of music, mirrors and messages that encourages the calmness of mind and the connection to the life force pulsating within us.  It is not just a physical mat practice; it is a practice that purifies the mind and opens the door to the Divine that resides within us. 

What am I trained to teach?

We train you to have a broad overview of all yoga paths; raja (meditation), bhakti (devotion), jnana (scholarly), hatha (physical mat practice).  We have created a yatra outline that encourages a beginner teacher to understand how to teach a holistic class that incorporates balance between the strength and length muscles in the entire body.  Our studio houses Hot Yoga classes, Yin classes, Gentle yoga and Qi-Gong.  The yatra programs allows a studio to understand the fundamental principles in both static and vinyasa styled classes, as well as the fundamental principles in both yin and yang.  A teacher then can adapt the lessons learned to match his or her personality and desires.  Yoga is not universal –nor should the teachers desires be all the same.

Am I required to teach a certain way or follow a script?

NO.  However, we will encourage you to learn how to follow a healthy outline when you are a beginner teacher. This helps you keep track of time, what postures need preparation and how to balance a body in a healthy and progressive sequence.  The outline is very fluid; it completely allows the teacher to move to their own pace, choose their own postures, as well as their own messages.


What if I don’t know if I want to teach?  Or what if I change my mind?

We want you to arrive at your decisions with no pressures.  You can first be interested in only learning and then find out along the way you want to complete all the blocks – maybe for personal satisfaction or because you really want to teach.  Then again you may have every desire to teach and then along the way you find that you really want to just learn, skipping the blocks that no longer interest you.  Again, we want you to have the ability to move organically through the program – allowing changes and flexibility for yourself. The two most important ingredients in yoga!

What if I know I really don’t want to teach/ I just want to go to Yoga School?

Yes!  Because how else can you learn about yoga???  Then you would just pay the AUDIT weekend rates.  But these do not convert to certification.  So only choose this if there is no interest in certification.

What if I know I want to teach?

Then we recommend that you choose the committed track route.  Begin the program in September and try to stay on track and take each block in order and choose the committed track payment (pay for the tuition  in full),  instead of paying per weekend. The discount is quite significant for those ready to commit!

Is attendance required?

Full attendance is only required if you desire to receive an “earned standard completion” requirement for Yoga Alliance 200 or 300 level teacher certification program.  If you do not desire to meet any requirement, 100% attendance is not required for the weekend or the program. However, we fully understand we are adults with commitments.  We understand life sometimes does not allow you to be available during the “scheduled” weekend.  You may have prior commitments, have a sick child or simply cannot make the weekend due to a personal situation.  We understand.  We try to work with every student: creating make up weekends, make up sessions, or allow the student the opportunity to stretch the program beyond the year they began.  We want you to graduate!  Yet, we understand that life sometimes just does not allow you to do it perfectly in order! 

Do I have to take the curriculum/building blocks in order?

You can download a 200 Level grid and a 300 Level grid.  Each grid displays the building blocks.  Each month one block from each program will be offered – staying in order to the curriculum.  And we do recommend you try your best to stay on track and learn the program in order.  However, you can make this choice.  You can attend or not.  If you attend, excellent! You can check off a block!  You do not have to take the blocks in order, however some blocks do require a pre-requisite and we cannot guarantee the month in which the block will be offered again.  We keep the 200 RYT 10 blocks offered in 10 consecutive months (each block building upon the next) as well as the 15 blocks in the 300 RYT in 15 consecutive months (each block different).  

**If you are desiring to become a RYT200 teacher, we highly encourage you to start with the Natural Start date (Every September) and stay as consistent as possible. Our School begins a new RYT class every September. The group bonds to each other and it feels good to graduate with each other (June each year).  The RYT300 is a bit more open to beginning at any point and taking the courses at your own pace.


Will there be homework?

There is very little required homework.  However, you will find that you enjoy what you are learning to such a deep degree that you will read more and you will want to explore more. 

Is there hatha yoga class attendance requirements?

NO.  However, if you really desire to teach yoga a steady practice is most desirable.  Not attending yoga regularly will most defiantly reflect in your teaching abilities.  However, if you do not desire to teach – you are probably already attending the right amount of classes for your own personal needs. Not everyone needs to take 5 classes a week, some of us feel great twice a week. And some of us do our yoga on a meditation cushion or while reading divine scriptures of truth. There is no one formula or one way to be. 

What is the RYT class schedule?

The RYT 200 program meets the first weekend of each month (unless it is a holiday weekend).  The times vary.  But always count on Saturday and Sunday. The RYT 300 program meets the third weekend of each month (unless it is a holiday weekend).  Saturday and Sunday.

The 10 day immersion programs are 10 straight days of 10 hour per day.  You need two separate 10 day immersions to meet 200 hours.  The immersion weeks are in September and October of each year. 

How do I graduate?

You graduate once all the blocks or immersion weeks are completed (all 10 blocks for 200 Level and all 15 blocks for the 300 Level). We will hold an annual graduation (every June). This graduation will be for all who complete a full grid, both for the 200 and 300 programs.  The graduation is open to all.  It is a time to celebrate, a time to gather, a time to unite as a family.

Do I have to graduate from the 200 Level program before the 300? 

Yes.  You need to fully complete the 200 Level program prior to the 300.  However, there are some 300 Level blocks that can be taken while you are working towards the completion of your 200 Level program.

How do the finances work?

Option 1:  Every building block is $300.00.  Payment is due prior to the beginning of the weekend block.  You pay as you go.  

Option 2:  You pay as a committed track student – full tuition.  

RYT200 tuition: $2500.00 (Saving $500!)  RYT300 tuition:  $3500.00 (Saving $1000!)

****Full payment must be received prior to September 1st

Option 3:  10 day immersion programs:  Each 10 day immersion is $1750.00 (Two 10 day immersions are required for RYT2000.

Is there an application?

Yes.  We want to know about you.  We are truly interested in what you have to say. We also want you to know about some of our requirements (no smoking on the property, no solicitation of services, no tolerance for the intolerant… know things like that).  There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee for the 200 RYT program and for the 300 RYT program of $125.00 (this fee is used to maintain our RYS School crediting fees).

Do you accept students into the 300 program with a 200RYT Certificate from another school?

Yes, as long as it was obtained through an approved Yoga Alliance 200RS and you hold a current 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certificate.

Do you offer Scholarships?

Yes, but very little.  Please feel free to share with us any restrictions you have.  We want you to have an equal opportunity to learn and grow –even if finances are not fully there. We will do what we can to help you! 

Who are your teachers?

Every teacher that contributes to our program meets Yoga Alliance required qualifications, but most importantly they are teachers we look up to. They hold professional credentials and have displayed a deep commitment to service something beyond their selves. We are always proud of the teachers that led you. We are always honored to call them family!

Will I be considered a 500 hour level instructor?

Yes, once you complete both the 200 Level and 300 Level requirements, you are a RYT500 instructor.


A new RYT200 begins every September.  We highly encourage you join and begin the program in September, however if this is impossible - there are natural shifts in the curriculum making it easy to join RYT200 when appropriate.  The RYT300 begins anew every September – however you can easily begin this program at any point – however we do find beginning in September creates a smooth and comprehensive flow to your studies.  * Yet of course, if you are looking to pace the program to your specifications, taking a weekend only when convenient, you truly can begin at any point. How do I apply?


You can apply here now! OR contact our director personally at   

**Mail the application and contract in snail mail or email, along with the application fee of $125:

90 Degrees Yoga    115 Pelham Road     Greenville SC, 29615 OR  EMAL :