The yoga Studio - 90 Degrees

The Yatra Center located in Greenville houses our 90 Degrees Yoga Classes/Studio, our non-heated Yatra Classes, our Registered Teacher Training Program, Meditation and Fellowship. The Yatra Center is our Mother Center.

The Yatra Center, our yoga studio,  is a grassroots, “old school” yoga healing home.   We do not have luxurious entrances filled with high priced merchandise dangling to tempt your spending addictions, trendy outfits for you to buy and wear, or lavish changing rooms with purified water systems or heck even plush towels to spare. To be honest our shower is old and small – but very clean and our towels are like grandma's – still do the job and still very clean. Our studio feels like a home and any merchandise we sell is because it truly brought light into our own souls. We are the basics – but the basics is exactly what yoga is all about. 

Yoga studios used to be small little no nonsense houses that sold only the “way to peace”. Maybe you remember, or maybe you don’t, when yoga studios were somewhat hidden – because they were afraid to teach the doctrines, fearing they would be misunderstood or thought of as a religion. Thank goodness we are all realizing yoga is not a religion. Remember when there was no such thing as “$200 yoga pants” or yoga “playlists” or manufactured “yoga slogans” or “yoga bodies” to tweet about. We do. We remember when it was taught in back rooms by teachers who had committed their life to healing others. We remember taking yoga at little bare boned studios and wearing just any old outfit we could find. We remember when yoga was taught as an ancient discipline that delivered dramatic changes to one’s life. At 90 Degrees we are dedicated to keeping the yoga pure, the studio as an oasis detangled from the stress of the fast paced changing world and supporting every member with simple love and acceptance.

Our yoga teaches beyond the postures. We embrace the essence of the spirituality woven into the practice, because the spiritual awakening is THE PRACTICE.  We are interested in training your mind, helping understand your emotions and how to find reassurance in the Cradle of Divine.  WE DO NOT teach just postures.  Our teachers teach practically for nothing. There is no commissions or promotions to boost their paychecks. They teach because they are committed to helping others heal - no matter if it's 2 people or 20. If they are happy to see you – they are truly happy to see you! Our aim is to allow the older generation a place to feel strong and connected and to remind the younger generation to slow down and find comfort in a place that does not measure their achievements or encourage any type of image to strive to become. We are simple. We are uncomplicated. We are dedicated to you! Visit us and the lingering peace, along with our incense, will wrap around your soul the moment the door opens.  You know you have found the place you belong!


Everyone has day one. We love to embrace new members. All you have to do is show up about 10-15 minutes prior to any class. Bring a mat, a towel, and water. But if you do not have water, a towel, or a mat, we have them for you. Wear comfortable clothing. Have no fear! You will love the experience. It is that simple. We promise.