Private Session

Every body is different - yes our bodies are different too.  Any time we begin a new movement or practice it is helpful to have some one on one training. In your private session you will learn the terms, understand "why", how your specific body works, modifications and how to enter and exit a posture.  One session tremendously helps!

Cost: $125


On your personalized journey you will have six appointments with just you and Allison Cross ERYT500, Minister, CHLC. You will have time to talk about what is going on today, difficulties you are experiencing, where you want to be and who you want to be. you will have Time to let go of the emotions, so you will have energy and ability to learn. In addition there will be interactive personality tests, a healing meditation designed to release old unattended wounds, anatomy lessons explaining how your body works and how the postures work, the principles of meditation and how to embrace the desired life that is simple, basic and free! You will have a mentor, a guide, someone who cares deeply for you everyday! This is truly how we take care of ourselves!

Cost: $525.00

Private Yoga Teacher Training

Our teacher training programs are not just for those wanting to teach. It is for everyone - those who want to teach AND for those that want and need to know more! It is for the student desiring to know the history, the doctrines, the chakras, the anatomy, the pranayama, the way of life and how to embark on the ultimate quest….how to control the mind. In this program you learn about who you are, what your purpose is for, how to organize your perceptions, your memories and how to live a life with less stress and chaos. You will understand the entire body - how the postures work and how yoga works! You can schedule your experience with just Alli and this personal journey will unveil everyday some life changing moments!

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