Trust in the Divine

Trust in the Divine is a simple affirmation.  Oftentimes the only affirmation you will need.  Now an affirmation only works if it is generated from your soul, not from your mind.  Many times, we create an affirmation from our mind and hope that we can get the rest of our being to actual believe what we are saying.  But most of time we do not. We struggle.  Our human mind can create a blockage from the affirmation.  Take for example something as simple as “I am full of wealth” as an affirmation you create in your mind.  You try to recite this affirmation over and over, but you know for a fact in your human life you are struggling financially, and you really do not feel full of wealth.  The mind just cannot accept the affirmation with the facts of the external world pushing a different agenda. An affirmation created in the mind and forced into the soul is not authentic and difficult to feel its powerful truths.  

When an affirmation is created in the soul, the power can merge into the mind.  Sitting quietly in meditation allows the mind to rest and hear the soul whisper words that can bring relief.  True relief. In meditation the affirmation is released from the heart and the soul and the mind will listen to its wisdom.  The soul will whisper the affirmation and the mind can fall into its cradle.

The soul knows things. The soul has the answers.  And sometimes the answer is that we simply must trust.  We must trust in a power that sees more and has plans for the current situations – even if the plans cannot be seen with our human eyes and mind today.

Life contains so many injustices.  So many unfair situations.  The mind knows this. Humans know this.  I am 45 years old and I have never had to become involved in our judicial system before.  I have lived, I guess, like an entitled white woman with a halo on my head thinking that our judicial system is fair. That it is responsible for making wrongs right and that they do in fact bring justice.  But recently, I have had a privilege of learning this is simply not true.  Our judicial system is flawed.  It does not make wrongs right.  It functions with high degrees of unfairness.  My situation prompted me to do some research and I discovered that our country has over 118 billion dollars in unpaid child support.  In 1975, child support was designed to assist mothers in the transition of divorces, but over the years the child support system continuously failed.  In 1996, a minimum mandatory support fee what set forth for parents who choose to not work or were incarcerated yet were required to pay child support – the fee was determined to be $215.00 a month. Fair – right?  Because everyone knows a parent can raise a child on $215.00 a month. My point is this…..the system is flawed.  There are millions of women who face this fact every day. And this is just one example of how the judicial system cannot make a wrong right.  So, what should a human do?  Create a mantra – an affirmation in their mind – knowing the world cannot always deliver? Knowing humans are flawed, injustices continue, and situations remain difficult.  No, a simple optimistic mantra on an Instagram post or a hallmark card probably won’t do the trick.  That is the mind just reading something.  Instead, we must go within and bow down the ultimate justice system.

The best remedy – as always – is to Trust in the Divine.  The Divine is the ultimate system. It does not make mistakes.  It governs always with a plan. It has a jury that sees everything.  When we trust in Divine, we are trusting in the order, in the plan with patience and faith. We trust that wrongs are turned to right – at its own pace. We trust in the purpose and destiny that was designed specifically for us. We trust if we serve the Divine – it will serve us.  We trust in times of need and we celebrate when we know it has delivered us a blessing.  We trust in its ability to keep us whole, even when we become broken.  We trust that our path is flowing in the right direction and that our purpose is never forgotten.  When we develop this affirmation in our soul – it will bring relief to our mind!  The soul will cradle the mind. The soul will remind the mind that all things will be rectified.  Even if the outer world, with human flaws shows differently.  The soul reminds us that Divine is in Charge and we will be taken care of.  This affirmation will bring the ultimate feeling of calmness.  Trust in the Divine – many times this will be the only source you can trust in.  For it is the ultimate King and Ruler of all order.  It never fails and it always delivers.

It has been my honor dedicating my life to yoga.  Meet me on the mat and feel the Divine presence.  It is here all things become right.  All stressors fall away.  All you have to do is stand on the mat!!!