Listen to Silence

Listen and silent

The two words contain all the same sounds, all the same letters and all the same meanings.  Silence has a voice, it has sound, it has something profound to say.  Inside the center of silent we become calm, we gain a sense of clarity, we center the senses.  It is in this space of silence we listen. We listen to the hum of Divine. We listen to the inner swirls of peace.  We listen to our own energy and quickly we understand this energy as a force greater than our mind, greater than our worries, greater than ourselves.  To be silent is an intoxicating state of bliss that pulls the consciousness inward to rest its excess behaviors.  Today actively choose to listen.  Listen to your breath.  Listen to the inhale.  Listen to the exhale.  Listen to its calmness.  Listen to its truth.  Listen to silence.  In this space the mind can surrender. 


Today create space to listen – a space to be silent.

Before you speak – be silent – listen – then speak.

After you listen – be silent – use a space – then speak.

Create space to be silent.  Create space to listen.

This is ever, ever so IMPORTANT.


Please do this as many times as you can today!!

Sit.  Be very silent.  Observe while you listen.  

You will be amazed at how much quietness in your body, mind and soul this simple task will unveil.