Hot Yatra Yoga

*Asterisk means beginning June 10th



6:15am (HOT)

9:30am (HOT) 

*11:45am (just yatra)

5:00pm (HOT)

6:15pm (Warm Yatra)


6:15am (HOT)

9:30am (HOT)

5:00pm (hot)

*5:30 PM (just yatra $5)

6:15pm (warm Yatra)


6:15am (HOT)

9:30am (HOT)

*11:45AM (Just Yatra)

5:00pm (HOT)

6:15pm (Warm Yatra)

6:30 Meditation Alli cross


6:15am (HOT)

9:30am (HOT)

5:00pm (HOT)

6:15pm (hot)


6:15am (HOT)

9:30am (HOT)

*11:45AM (Warm Yatra $5)

5:00pm (HOT)

(*June 10th 5:00 will be 5:30PM Hot $5) 

*7:00PM Flight class And Trance dance.  alternates every Other friday/ On the home page you can follow Mind body schedule ($10)


8:15am (HOT)

*4:15PM Yatra Yoga 101 ($10)            


8:15am (hot)

4:15pm (Hot $5)

*4:15pm fellowship





Hot Yatra Yoga

Vinyasa and static postures practiced in a heated room to warm muscles and release tensions in body and mind.  Spiritual messages woven into the practice.  (97-99 degrees)

Warm Yatra Yoga

Some like it hot, some like it warm.  Same as our Hot class – but the temperature is a bit lower than full on hot. (87-97 degrees). This is not a change - kinda what this time slot has always been - we are just owning the name.

Just Yatra Yoga   

Class designed for those who like a wise and slow class.  Time to enter and exit postures, use of modifications and adjustments.  No heat, but a spiritual message is not forgotten.

Meditation, Prayer, Pranayama   

Breathe into a calm body and mind. Pray to lift the heaviness off the heart and be guided into a healing meditation.  Yummy, yummy, yummy. ($10)

Fellowship “Church” Hour  

Call it church, call it not.  It is not a religion.  It is a “sermon” to inspire, heal and find spiritual connection with others in a gathering of good words and good people.   You can focus on the message and find wisdom and calmness within. (Donation)

Kids Yoga   

Perfect for the little ones to move, laugh and meditate. Suggested ages 3-11 ($10)

Flight Class   

Don’t be scared!  It is not an advanced class.  It is a fun class with time to practice and learn the more creative arm balance postures.  75minutes ($10)

Trance Dance Yoga

Rooted in the trancedance yoga, class is designed for fluid movement.  Great music opens you to joy, releases built up tensions and breaks the confinements of rigid rules.  It is pure fun.  ($10)

 Yatra Yoga 101  

Slow down and practice the basics. Perfect for all yogi’s wanting to learn more and understand the practice. Giving time to embrace precision in the posture and master the breath.  

   $5 Community

This is the same great class – but for $5 CASH.  You cannot register online for this class.  No credit cards.