Diamonds are Earned

Cheap things are found on park benches, Diamonds are earned.

Each one of us are diamonds. God created us with a light that shines within us, a light as brilliant as a diamond. Each of us have a purpose that is of worth, a purpose that must be worked for and earned. When we learn to present ourselves like diamonds, we have become spiritual, in contact with the Divine energy within us. All of the ancient doctrines and scriptures written provide us guidance in how we can maintain our Diamond Character, instead of being a cheapen soul.

We learn through the scriptures how not to use “cheap” words or make “cheap” choices that devalue who we are.

We treat others like Diamonds, earning their respect and valuing their worth. The Divine designed us to be Diamonds, not to be cheap things laying carelessly on park benches. When we cheapen who we are, then we are disrespecting the design of Divine. Self-worth is found when we step into being a diamond. We learn that we must have boundaries and not allow others to cheapen our value. We must present ourselves with worth and require others to treat us as a person of value. Diamonds must be earned. They are respected, and they have worth! Let’s not cheapen who we are and let others treat us that way! My goodness……let us all rise in character and the world may start to perform with a higher moral standard than we have today! We need to avoid things that just come too easy or require no work. We need to avoid cheap things on park benches and want to earn the respect of the diamond. Remember, you get what you pay for! Today, decide to be a Diamond. Present yourself with worth. Don’t cheapen your vocabulary or your character or choices. Don’t sell yourself so cheap or let others treat you cheap. Have standards. Have a presentation. Be a Diamond, not a cheap piece on a park bench. Let others see you bright and strong and know your greatness that you beam was EARNED! If others do not want to earn your respect as a diamond, then let them buy something cheap……. and if you do not present yourself with respect, well…..don’t be surprised if you are treated without it. Keep in mind, not everyone is interested in the work it takes to earn a diamond. Let them go and by all means cease acting like a cheap thing, of hanging with cheap things. A diamond isn’t usually hung on a cheap piece of string! Because once you act low class – it is truly hard to go back and demand value on something/someone already deemed cheap! When you step into the light of being a Diamond, your self -worth shines and many of your dramas will cease to exist. It feels good to have worth.

It feels good to earn the diamonds in your life. It feels good to present yourself with class, value and brilliance.

It feels good to have value in your speech, in your behaviors, and in your choices. It feels good to have boundaries and it feels good to know you don’t have to be viewed cheap. It is the point of the 10 commandments, the Bhagavad Gita, the guidance in the Ancient Yoga Sutras. All the laws teach you to present yourself with value – instead of a cheap piece of………..! Be a Diamond TODAY and notice this is the way to immediately feel the spiritual light within. God created you with value. Connect to this light within, simply by owning the greatness you are. Cheap things are found on park benches – diamonds are earned.