New to our center or to yoga

Visit us today!  Everyone has day one.  You can come to our fellowship service, a meditation class or to any yoga class that fits your schedule or interest.  Arrive about 10-15 minutes early.  We will sign you up for our 21 consecutive day pass (if yoga is your thing) for $21.  We have a shower if needed, kind teachers to welcome you and good people to meet. Wear comfortable clothing, bring water and a mat.  If you don't have a mat, we can rent you one.  If you don't have a water, we can get you one. Don't worry about being perfect, we really don't care for perfection.  Don't worry about signing up online - we actually just use a spiral notebook.  Just show up and we will love you!

Fellowship - just show up.  You can be fancy or in sweat pants. You will love the message and the people.  You will know you have found the right place to be!