Meditation, Pranayama and Prayer

Prayer is when we talk to the Higher Source.  We talk openly about our needs, our fears, our worries, our discomforts, our blessings. We learn how to build an intimate communion with our self and our Higher Power.   Meditation is where we learn to listen.  We become quiet, at peace and allow our mind to take a break from having to make decisions, having to meet an expectation or solve anything.  Meditation allows us to let go of control and to open our hearts to a bit of faith.  The meditation session begins in prayer, guides us through breath work and leads us in a guided meditation.  When you leave….you feel completely at peace.  You will learn how to take a grain of time and feel that everything is O.K, that you are O.K and everything is going to be O.K.  It is like falling into a cradle of pure reassurance and love. 

Currently our Meditation follows our Saturday 8:15 am class

Sunday it is included in our “Talk and Meditate” Om hour. 9:30am. It is yummy yummy.

Donations are Greatly appreciated!