Thursday meditation

The Buddhist Temple of Columbia, hosts a weekly meditation gathering at The Yatra Center.

Donation $10

Thursday 7:00pm

Sunday Guided Meditations

Join us for the 8:15am and stay for an intoxicating guided meditation. Or arrive early and then stay for 10am yoga class. OR….just arrive for meditation at 9:15am.

Sunday 9:15am- 9:45am

Donations accepted.

Kirtan Nights

August (date to be announced) 5:30PM-7:00

THIS IS PURE JOY. What it Kirtan? You gather. You learn a little melody, a mantra. Then you sing. It does not matter if you sing well. You sing for love. You sing for joy. It builds community. It builds connection. You will love it. We love and accept donations for the event.