live music, mantras & yoga

Alli cross & michelle peck

take you on a musical yoga journey

October 19th 6-8pm


Join alli and michelle for an amazing moment in time.  You will learn the mantras and meanings. Sing the mantras.  Then take the live music class and use the mantras.  Afterwards, you will be so full of glee and love – you won’t stop smiling!

Space is limited. Please sign up. You can text 864-631-8706 to reserve your space.

Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson 2020

October 30th 6-8pm

The Spirit of Politics

Join us as we host Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson 2020 for an inspiring and historical speaking engagement. She will invite us all to participate in a change!

The Power of Acceptance

Saturday November 9, 10:30am - 1pm

“In reality, most of our emotional problems are nothing more than a failure to accept things as they are — in which case it is patient acceptance, rather than attempting to change externals, that is the solution.” ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, How to Solve Our Human Problems

Patient acceptance is often seen as a weak and passive mind, but actually, nothing could be further than the truth. Patient acceptance is a powerful mind that makes us as strong and stable as a mountain. When we lack patience — we are easily disturbed by the challenges we face. Developing patience, we gain the ability to remain peaceful, flexible, and clear-minded, no matter what the circumstances. From this place our wisdom will enable us to respond to life’s difficulties in the most skillful and productive way. This course includes guided meditation, talks, Q & A and refreshments served during the break. No meditation experience necessary. Everyone Welcome. Course fee $25. 

Can register at the door or on-line

Taught by Sharon Lovich the  Resident Teacher of Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist Center, in Asheville, NC, 828-668-2241

Held in Greenville, SC 29615 The Yatra Center/ 90 Degrees Yoga (115 Pelham Rd, #10 – 11) Greenville, South Carolina.

yoga thanksgiving feast

november 15th 5:30pm

Do some yoga and then feast! Join your yoga family for a night of yoga, food, laughter and love. Bring a dish to share.

Candlelight holiday yin bliss class

december 8th 6-8pm

All your yoga teachers in ONE class adjusting, massaging, oils and candlelight. It is our gift to you. Let us carry you into a blissful state of mind through a night of yin yoga and love.

Space is limited! First come basis.