Our Fellowship

Call it church, call it a temple, call it a Divine Hang out, call it what you need to call it.
We are non-denominational group, non-attached to a religion, yet profoundly open to Spirituality. We are open to all nationalities, cultures, creeds, religions and thoughts. We are like minds – who desire a place to gather and hear powerful sermons that connect us to the Higher Power and inspires us to be good people in a good world. You can arrive to our “Service” dressed in heels or in sweat pants carrying a glass of wine! We are all there to hear words that teach us, cradle us and grant us the reassurance only a Higher Power can provide. Everyone needs a place to be spiritual – especially those who are not dedicated to one religion or those who don’t always want to connect on a yoga mat! You are loved and honored in our space. Our meditations will help you hear the whispers of the Divine and our prayers will let you know you are never alone. Our services are laid back and always full of life long pearls of

Services will begin mid-June. Sunday 4:15PM