Our Teachers are our family...

Lara Ceceil Tuesday 6:15pm and Saturday 10am

Courtney Fahey Saturday 8:15am and Monday 6:15am

Shannon Greinke Friday 6:15am

Ellen Hampshire Monday and Wednesday 6:15pm

Marsha Thompson  Thursday 9:30am and 6:15pm

Deborah Bouts Friday 6:15am and Thursday 5:00pm and Friday 5:30pm

Allison Cross Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9:30am and Wednesday 5:00pm

Blake Ulmer Tuesday 6:15am

Sara Hayes Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 9:30am, Thurs 5:30pm, Sunday 8:15am

Kathy Garvin Tuesday 5:30pm

Jeannie Taylor Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:45am

Lindsay Hastings

Tyler Powers

Shelton Stevens

Keisha Parson

Caralyn Hagy